Splash Park

Please see our COVID19 Safety Plan to learn how we are elevating our safety protocols in light of COVID-19. In addition to this general information, the following are some specific details to give you an idea of how your experience may be different at this time. These processes are subject to change as we continually adapt to the changing COVID-19 situation.

Beat the summer heat with our outdoor Splash Park! Grab your sunscreen, towel and bathing suit and enjoy the fresh air and cool water! Enjoy the pirate ship, water guns, and sprinklers or watch the kids play at our comfy chairs and umbrellas.

110709 415


*Currently Unavailable*


Non Residents $3.55 per child
FREE for Langford Residence with proof of address

*Please present valid ID for residential discount – Drivers license or utility bill with current Langford address are accepted
*Children must be accompanied by an adult over 18 – Parent of Child must be present for Langford resident Discount to apply
*Don’t forget your towel and sunscreen!

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