City Centre Park and Langford Lanes COVID-19 Health and Safety Information

Updated March 3, 2021


City Centre Park and Langford Lanes are committed to providing recreation and food services that are safe and accessible. We routinely follow strong protocols for the safety of all of our guests. In this time of uncertainty, we want to ensure that our guests and staff know what those protocols are and how we are elevating the process in light of COVID-19. We have prepared our restart plans following the guidelines laid out by the local and provincial health authorities, and Worksafe BC and by collaborating with many other facilities, and associations on best practices. We have chosen restrictions, and procedures with safety as a top priority in hopes to exceed staff, government, and consumer expectations. We welcome your feedback – please contact if you have any comments on how we are doing! The following is an overview of our COVID-19 safety measures. 


Physical distancing measures are in place for staff and patrons at City Centre Park and Langford Lanes. Staff and patrons are to make best efforts to keep 2 meters from others where barriers are not in place. Additionally when playing sports 3m physical distancing is required. To support distancing requirements, signage is in place at the entrance of each facility to educate patrons on our policies, and occupancy limits are posted for each facility, bathroom and common area. Facility occupancy limits have been reduced and many processes have been changed to help facilitate physical distancing. 


Engineered controls have been put in place where physical distancing is difficult. Plexi-glass separations are in place at service desks and barriers are in place between pairs of bowling lanes, restaurant booths and in arena dressing rooms. These controls have been reviewed by Langford Fire to ensure that they do not create a hazard. Masks must be worn by all persons in public area unless playing sports or while seated at a table to dine. Staff are trained on best practices to ensure proper hygiene.


Strict hygiene protocols are in place for staff and patrons. All staff have undergone extensive training on how and when to wash their hands. Staff are also trained to avoid touching their face, and to practice good respiratory etiquette. It is our policy that all persons entering any facility at City Centre Park clean their hands on arrival and frequently. Signage and supplies are in place to support this policy and encourage frequent handwashing including hand sanitizer stations at entrances and throughout each facility.


No person may enter facilities at City Centre Park if they have any COVID-19 symptoms, if they have been in contact with anyone suspected to have COVID-19, or if they have been outside of Canada in the last 14 days. Clear signage is in place at all entrances to notify patrons of our policies. All staff are required to complete a daily health check before the start of each shift. Workers are required to stay home for a minimum of 10 days if they have any symptoms of COVID-19.


Enhanced sanitization measures are in place to keep staff and patrons safe. All staff are trained on safe and effective use of chemicals. Sharing of equipment by staff and workers has been eliminated where possible and cleaning frequency has been increased where people may touch the same items. Commonly touched surfaces are cleaned frequently and recorded in log books. High contact items such as bowling balls, rental shoes, tables, chairs, menus, rental skates, golf putters, and golf balls are thoroughly sanitized after each use for your safety. Processes such as timings for reservations have been adapted to eliminate barriers to our cleaning programs.


Our safety plan is subject to continual review as we adapt to the ever changing COVID-19 situation.


We encourage you to provide feedback if there is something we could be doing better to meet your expectations. We encourage you to fill in our user surveys or send feedback to to let us know how we are doing. In addition to the general information above, please see our What’s Open page for specific details to give you an idea of how your experience may be different at this time. 


Thank you,

Kristin St. Cyr